About Us


We're Craig and Kristine

Hi There! We're Kristine and Craig Sapp, Owners of the beautiful Disney Lillian House!  We're from Lenexa, KS a suburb of Kansas City!  We're married with three beautiful kiddos! Love to travel, we’re involved with our kids school, our church, love our home town Chiefs, Royals, Sporting Kansas City and of course our kiddos teams! Craig and our two boys also love Manchester United, perhaps more than our Kansas City teams! Our kiddos are 12, 11, and 5!  Our daughter is a huge softball fanatic, our 11 year old is really into soccer and our 5 year old... well we don't know yet.... perhaps a ninja warrior HA! He loves all sports too so maybe a master of it all!  We've traveled for years usually staying in vacation rentals! We know the good, the bad, and the ugly that vacationers can experience! And believe me, we want and strive to be not only good but PHENOMENAL! Planning any vacation can be overwhelming but a Disney World/Central Florida Vacation, your hands are beyond full!  There is so much to do, so much planning and researching. Let us alleviate a small portion of your stress and assure you, Disney Lillian House is one of the best vacation villas around! Disney Lillian House is our baby and we take care of it as such! After all when you're not there, we come down for visits! I expect our home to be as perfect as possible for you and us! I'm a Realtor® licensed in Kansas and Missouri, we've owned a luxury property management company for 17 years, we know a little bit about houses and the importance of care, cleanliness, updates, customer service and client expectations.  We also understand and appreciate the need for fantastic people to care of our home while we’re not there!  Our manager Rachael is one of kind!  Their office is onsite and she's our eyes and ears while were in Kansas City!  She's diligent and responsive if the any need ever arrives! Our Maintenance Manager, Mike, ensure the house is in great mechanical condition and are on top of any issues that may arise! We can’t forget to mention our fabulous house cleaner, Marisol, she’s invaluable, as well the one responsible for first impressions! We thank her often too!  So while you’re researching and deciding, keep us in mind, we would love to have you stay at Disney Lillian House!   Always feel free to reach out to us! Kristine@OurDisneyHouse.com